Quality of Life Peace of Mind

Our name says it all! Our services are directed at sustaining and improving the quality of life for individuals who are experiencing either transitory or long term medical conditions. Peace of Mind comes to clients and their loved ones with the confidence that care is being monitored professionally and continuously knowing that help is always near.

QOLPOM has partnered with suppliers, healthcare providers and behavioral management resources to create a unique package of services that can be tailored to the individual needs of every client, their healthcare provider and family.

• For the individual patient we provide monitoring as prescribed by their medical team utilizing the most up to date and least intrusive products on the market today. In addition to 24-hour technical support our subscribers are provided training and coaching to help them stay engaged in their monitoring regimes.

• For the healthcare provider we have solutions for rapid delivery and set up for services which include patient education and real time access to information on their patient’s conditions for which the provider has prescribed monitoring. The provider’s reach is expanded and can include real time face to face remote evaluation. Monitoring can also be provided in healthcare settings such as nursing homes and assisted living to help ensure the most efficient use of staffing resources.

• For the family with the patient’s permission we can share monitored information and forward alarm conditions that require immediate interventions. The family can easily join the health care team and take whatever role they are comfortable in providing.

QOLPOM relieves the provider, patient and their family of having to research and access the latest technology breakthroughs in healthcare monitoring. The products and programs are evolving at a rapid pace and QOLPOM keeps its finger on the pulse of the most up to date and useful products that promote quality healthcare monitoring.

OOLPOM’s role is to become a part of the healthcare team that provides a seamless and continuous connection among patients, their families and their providers.

Quality of Life, Peace of Mind, our name contains our mission.


Wrapping Technology Around Health and Human Services

Applying technological supports to assist individuals in their day-to-day functions is not a new concept.  There are an abundance of isolated services and many applications for a whole host of problems.  Telivita's adaptive and treatment services are intended to be a conduit and a clearinghouse for all of these various programs, devices and applications. The key is to tailor services to meet the unique needs of individual clients and their families, that is, to wade through the confusing maize of services and find or create what works best.


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