Connecting Patients, Payers, Providers and Populations with cloud based RPM

Presenter: Dr. Bob Arnot, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Parallax Life Sciences, Parallax Health Management

Dr. Bob Arnot, M.D., internal medicine, is an award-winning journalist, author of twelve books on nutrition and health, host of the Dr. Danger reality TV series, and emeritus chief medical and foreign correspondent for NBC and CBS. He is also the founder, and former or current board member of several humanitarian aid organizations.

Co-Presenter:  Matthew Weisensee, VP of Entra Health, A CRF Health Company


“The convergence of Remote Patient Monitoring and data analytics offers the potential for both short-term cost saving benefits and the development of long-term strategic population health advantages, and will eventually become an essential, strategic capability for all healthcare partners including payers, providers and accountable care organizations.” 

“Connected Health” is defined by some to include primarily remote care programs (e.g., telehealth, remote patient monitoring or RPM, and lifestyle management programs).   However, Entra Health leadership believes remote offerings represent only one side of “the connected health equation.”   Both Entra Health and Parallax Health Management believe the purpose of connected health is not simply to push healthcare into the home, but rather to connect healthcare providers and patient-clients to the data and applications each needs to maximize the value of healthcare services wherever and however these may be offered or used.

Microsoft’s connected partners share the vision of today’s most forward looking healthcare professionals who recognize that “connected health” strategies have the potential to revolutionize the quality and economics of healthcare by enhancing and extending the relationships between patients, doctors, and other providers of health and wellness services. Entra Health’s goal is to provide remote patient monitoring technologies to Parallax Health Management  for use in connected health applications and telemedicine services wherever and however these are delivered.  Their integrated healthcare partnership solutions can save time, money and lives.


Together, Entra Health and Parallax Health Management can change the paradigm of connected health by combining technology, EMR integration, mobile apps, logistics services, data analytics, call centers, and best in class clinical coordination plans, all managed on the Microsoft cloud.

“Connected Health” leveraging the Microsoft Cloud, helps bridge the gap between healthcare providers and their patient-clients to the data, information and services each of these requires – wherever, whenever, or however needed, through strategic consorting of hardware, software, support & solutions providers.  Managing population health is the road to achieving positive health outcomes. EntraCare is the vehicle; CRF Health is the Driver; Microsoft is the super highway”  Matt Weisensee                

Diabetes Example

Parallax Health Management, a subsidiary of Parallax Life Sciences, a Los Angeles basesd compound pharmacy, and Entra Health, A CRF Health Company and maker of the world’s first blood glucose meter with integrated Bluetooth communications technology, have aligned to demonstrate an end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring system.  The two organizations plan to examine the benefits and results of using mobile devices (IoT), mobile data services and the entraCare Kit, wireless glucose meter, scale, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, BP, and Activity tracker to report biometric readings, survey results, video teleconsults, and insurance data via a secure web portal.

The MyGlucoHealth system uses a meter with an integrated Bluetooth wireless capability to transmit test results to a data collection hub (mobile phone/Tablet) and then to the MyHealthPoint RPM platform, a secure web portal licensed in over 50 countries.  Test results are time and date stamped and cannot be modified by the patient.  The portal can be accessed by the patient’s diabetes care team, family members and others as allowed by the patient.  A variety of analytics, trend analysis and other charting capabilities make review of the data fast and easy.

In addition, a unique feedback mechanism using SMS text messages and emails to the patient’s mobile phone encourages testing compliance and provides other motivational information.  The system also alerts the patient in the case of out-of-range readings.  For the patient’s care team, alerts can be customized to include alerts for high/low readings, trend warnings, low testing frequency, and other parameters keys to improving care.  Our platform allows our clients to conduct Video Consultations, collect qualitative surveys, and real-time biometric data.


About Presenter Dr. Bob Arnot M.D.

Dr Bob Arnot, MD, emeritus chief medical correspondent for NBC. A native of Boston, he is a graduate of Dartmouth College and McGill University.

Dr. Bob Arnot, M.D., serves as Chief Education Officer of Larasan Pharmaceutical Corporation. Dr. Arnot provides valuable information to people on how they can reduce pain in their lives with Larasan’s products. He serves as an Outside Advisor at Partnership Capital Growth, LLC. Dr. Arnot serves as Chief Educator and Wellness Officer of LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc. Dr. Arnot  also served as Chief Medical Educator of Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. Dr. Arnot is the official livethesource™ chief educator and wellness officer. Dr. Arnot served as Chief Knowledge Officer of Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. since 2009. His broadcast career has included: Foreign correspondent and chief medical correspondent for NBC News (including Dateline, The Today Show and the NBC Nightly News), chief foreign correspondent and special foreign correspondent for MSNBC News. He was health correspondent for CBS News (including CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning and CBS Morning News), NBC, Google Health, General Mills and WebMD. He began his medical career as the Founder and Chief of the Lake Placid Sports Medical Center, where he not only served as administrator, but also as the Physician from 1977 to 1980 U.S. Ski Team and the 1980 XIII Winter Olympic Games. Dr. Arnot served as Board of Directors for the US Ski Team. He was a NBC Chief Medical Editor. Dr. Arnot is also known as Dr. Danger from his highly successful reality series which chronicles his travels around the globe to places like South Africa, Syria, Botswana, Yemen and Afghanistan. He was Medical Director for National Emergency Services. He founded Operation Lifeline Iraq. Dr. Arnot serves as Member of Advisory Board - Media and Business of LifeMed Media, Inc. He serves as Member of Development & Advisory Board at Larasan Pharmaceutical Corporation. Dr. Arnot serves as a Member of Advisory Board of LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc. He served as a Member of the Advisory Board (Media) of Lifemed Media Inc. His broadcast accomplishments have earned him an Emmy Award, two Emmy nominations, the Overseas Press Club Award, the Dupont Award, and a recognition from Vanity Fair for “Best Embedded Reporter,“ Iraq Campaign. He was made an Honorary Blue Knight by the U.S. Marine Corps. He is a popular motivational speaker and frequent lecturer on a variety of medical issues. Dr. Arnot is also a highly successful author, having published numerous books and articles and columns on health issues ranging from sports science and physical fitness to breast cancer, and securing medical treatment. He is the voice of the dLife daily radio broadcast, the “dLife Diabetes Minute.“ and has also been featured in national television specials on international health and humanitarian topics for Discovery Health, Discovery Military, PAX, the ABC Family Channel, BET and FOX. He served as a physician providing humanitarian relief in countries including; Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Armenia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Kosovo and Iraq. He is one of the most recognized figures in medical journalism. Dr. Arnot received a Bachelor of Medical Science degree from Dartmouth College in 1972 and received his Doctor of Medicine in 1974 and Master of Surgery from McGill University.

About the Co-Presenter  Matthew B Weisensee

As VP of Sales for Entra Health, Mr. Weisensee is responsible for continued development and growth of the global organization in the healthcare sector, including all top-line sales and revenue objectives. Prior to joining Entra Health, he held senior leadership positions within the security, consulting biotech and investigative industries. Mr. Weisensee draws upon his expertise in business development, pricing, brand management, and leadership coupled with his extensive industry experience to create the business strategy for continued growth in his market.

Mr. Weisensee previously held executive leadership positions; he directed the sales and marketing for two separate high-tech RFID healthcare technology firms. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing for RadarFind, and VP of Business Development for AwarePoint, Matt developed go-to-market strategies world-wide within the Healthcare, Retail, and Security industries. Matt is a graduate of San Diego State University and holds a AIFS in Archaeology from the University of London.  @wiseNweb on Twitter,

About Parallax Health Management

Our primary goal at Parallax Health Management is to deliver a service that will allow clients who operate medically related residential-based services to reduce costs, increase revenues and provide a better client experience through the adoption of innovative new technologies of the Internet of Things (“IoT”) and particularly the numerous possible combinations of products represented by the QOLPOM® Hub, a medication dispensing, management and remote monitoring system developed by various health care technology companies in the last few years. QOLPOM® is an acronym that stands for Quality of Life Peace of Mind.

About Entra Health

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