Our Process

Parallax Health Management offers the most complete, cost effective, evidence based and flexible remote health solutions in the market place today. Applying technological supports to assist individuals in their day-to-day functions is not a new concept.  There are an abundance of isolated services and many applications for a whole host of issues.  Parallax Health Management provides an integrated, secure and scalable platform for collecting, transmitting and analyzing biometric data across a variety of wellness and clinical devices, including both fitness and clinical applications, for payers, providers and clinical professionals. Parallax Health Management integrated treatment services are intended to be a conduit and a clearinghouse for all of these various programs, devices and applications. The key is to tailor services to meet the unique needs of individual clients and their families, that is, to wade through the confusing maize of services and find or create what works best for each individual.

Parallax Health Management identifies the most sophisticated and up to date technology to support state of the art evidence based therapeutic and skill developing interventions to provide uniquely tailored services for each individual client.  There are no 'cookie cutter' or 'canned' solutions for every person.  Parallax Health Management uses a new breed of human service providers referred to as QOLPOM Technology Counselors (QTC).

These are individuals trained in the art and science of behavioral and medical assessment, case planning, treatment and evaluation.  They are also trained to complement these services with appropriate technologies that facilitate the care and treatment of each client. The primary outcomes that the QTC seeks are to increase/sustain independence and harness appropriate cost effective treatment technology assets to improve/sustain current functioning. Parallax Health Management featured offerings are:



  • Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Wireless Medical Devices

  • Data Collection & Transmission

  • Secure Monitoring Center

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Clinical Research Platform

  • Home Monitoring Kit

  • FDA Logistics Deployment Center