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QOLPOM® Hub Kits include clinical grade wireless medical devices talking to the QOLPOM® Hub tablet.  The tablet transmits biometric data, videoconferencing and surveys to the FDA approved MyHealthPoint Remote Monitoring Platform powered by Entra Health Systems LLC. 

QOLPOM® Hub Kits are all-inclusive managed services that include everything you need to get started with remote monitoring for one low price.  QOLPOM® Hub Kits include training, technical support, setup, shipping and other necessary services.  We worry about the technology so you don't have to.

QOLPOM® Hub Kits are available in four (4) unique, easy to use, and targeted configurations for indication-specific care plans and individuals of all ages.

All Packages come with the basic items listed below

  • My HealthPoint Dashboard
  • Entra eListener App
  • QOLPOM Hub App
  • QOLPOM Hub Tablet
  • Activity Tracker
  • Blood Pressured
  • Weight Scale
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Docking/Charging Station
  • Carry Case
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Ground Shipping to the Cont. US
Cardio Kit

(Heart Health and Lifestyle)
Package includes QOLPOM-Care Kit, along with the item/s listed below:
  • ECG (Electrocardiography)
+ Additional options available - please contact us about pricing
Diabetes Kit

(Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Management)
Package includes QOLPOM-Care Kit, along with the item/s listed below:
  • Glucose Meter
  • Test Strips, Qty:100
  • Lancets, Qty:1
  • Control Solution, Qty:100
+ Additional options available - please contact us about pricing
Pulmonary Kit

(COPD, Asthma, Spirometry and Inhaler)
Package includes QOLPOM-Care Kit, along with the item/s listed below:
  • Spirometer
  • Inhaler Sensor
+ Additional options available - please contact us about pricing
Available Add-On Options
  • Add Temp or Pulse Ox to any kit
  • Add ECG to any kit
  • Add Glucose meter & supplies
  • Add Spirometer to any kit
  • 1GB Video Plan
  • 2GB Video Plan
  • 3GB Video Plan
  • Replacement
  • Storage Fee

Medication Compliance/Adherence

There are countless tangible benefits to medication adherence including significant reductions in hospitalizations, enhanced quality of life and reductions in the effects of both overmedication and under-medication. The graphic above notes some major problems with non-adherence.

Further, the advent of an intelligent personal medication device, with bio-feedback, allows, for the very first time, the quantitative and qualitative feedback of real-time data to pharmacists, physicians and clinicians that allow medication titration to achieve optimal medication therapy based on the individual patient.

In a medical residence the benefits are equally important. The ability to remotely monitor each client, both from the point of view of their medication compliance and from connected sensors that include everything from vitals monitoring; to fall detection devices; to quality of sleep devices that enable the medical residence to provide a significantly enhanced (and commercially desirable) service to provide for the optimal health conditions for all of their clients.  There are obvious benefits to having a client population that requires less staff time providing simple supports.  The increased client participation rates, the enhancement of cognitive capabilities, the improvement in overall health, and the more informed family members results in improved care as well staff satisfaction.  It should also be noted that the newly minted inter-dependencies that is createdwith the use of the monitoring equipment will likely improve the health and wellness of each individual client which further reduces the support load on staff members.

But all of this depends on the QOLPOM® Hub as the enabler of a host of benefits including Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) and the ability to have patient dashboards.

Medication Non-Compliance

First-Time Prescriptions Never Filled

Pain Medications Never Filled

Total Prescriptions Never Submitted to Pharmacy for Filling

Prescriptions for Chronic Conditions never filled

Medication Non-Compliance

Hospital & Long-Term Care Facility Admissions related to non-adherence

Deaths Per Year attributed to Non-Adherance

Higher Rate of Additional Heart Attacks for heart attack survivors

Additional Costs to the US Healthcare System

Medication Non-Compliance Reasons

Don't Understand Need for Medication

Personal Beliefs Against Taking Medication

Can't Afford Medication

Forget to Take Medication