Philips Medido Pill Dispenser Simplifies Patient Adherence to Drug Regimens

February 21st, 2014

Pill management is a daily chore for a lot of people – it’s not easy remembering to take multiple medications, each with their own schedule. There are numerous machines that sort tablets and try to take the confusion out of the process, but some are making pill management completely automated.

Philips is releasing in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Benelux) its new Medido system that dispenses pre-packaged baggies of pills to patients precisely according to the prescribed schedule. Looking very similar to the PillPack system we covered recently, the Medido relies on a roll of plastic pouches filled in chronological order by a pharmacy with the patient’s drugs. The roll is placed inside a dispenser that feeds the packets out at the correct time, signals the patient to take the pills, and sends a message to any caretakers or physicians when the pills are not taken. We’ll see if the regularity of automatic timers and monitoring, with the safety of pharmacist setup really helps this problem.

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