Remote Patient Monitoring

Hospitals and care providers are seeing a growing demand for healthcare services for an aging population living with multiple chronic conditions.  There is also additional pressure to improve clinical outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions while dealing with changing payment models and a shortage of nurses.


Why Remote Patient Monitoring?

QOLPOM RPM will work with hospitals and caregivers to design a program that will provide the follow outcomes:

  1. Reduce patient readmissions
  2. Reduce number of ED visits
  3. Reduce de-compensation
  4. Reduce long-term healthcare cost
  5. Improve clinical outcomes
  6. Improve patient’s quality of life and compliance
  7. Improve education and self-care

Program Value Chain

QOLPOM provides an FDA Class II software platform and one-stop shop for remote patient monitoring and mobile health.  Our products and services provide compelling and cost effective answers to the ever-expanding market requirements.  Our cloud-based remote patient monitoring and data exchange and analytics solutions are a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

  1. QOLPOM provides companies around the globe with sophisticated FDA wireless biometric devices and the tools, technology, and support services to remotely collect and manage trial data safely and effectively.
  2. Our solutions give healthcare providers and payers convenient access to timely and accurate data to effectively manage patients, participants or entire populations via QOLPOM Connect integration technology
  3. Pharmaceutical companies, distribution partners, and healthcare providers use the proven and scalable cloud-based FDA-approved, HIPAA compliant MyHealthPoint platform to manage data across mobile apps, devices and EMRs, allowing caregivers and administrators to interface with a variety of telehealth solutions.
  4. Provider and payer organizations look for ways to help patients stay out of the emergency room, to increase HCAHP and HEDIS scores, reduce readmission penalties and increase revenues.
    • Efficiency gains: Savings in time and staffing
    • Cost management: Reduced readmissions
    • Patient access: Expanded coverage with existing clinicians

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Engage your Members

QOLPOM helps to effectively engage your members and patients throughout the entire healthcare process.

  1. Gather qualitative and quantitative biometric data to predict risk and health outcomes
  2. Delay or prevent chronic disease progression by encouraging healthier lifestyles and avoiding cost
  3. Identify the onset of conditions earlier, leading to timelier intervention and better outcomes
  4. Ensure that patients receive appropriate treatment inside and outside clinical settings
  5. Empower individuals to take greater control of their health needs through self-care
  6. Improve adherence to medications and therapies to prevent recurrent acute episodes
  7. Boost patient satisfaction and loyalty by actively improving quality of life
  8. Significantly reduce the costs of delivering medical care and processing claims
  9. Build a new revenue stream and increase profits by mitigating risk & managing populations

Monitoring Services

QOLPOM gathers and monitors the data coming from patients’ monitoring devices. When the patient fails to monitor data or the incoming data is outside of the acceptable range for the patient, an alert is triggered.  Through the monitoring center, patient alerts are triaged and handled based on individual patient care plans.  QOLPOM monitoring provides an effective way to ensure patient alerts are triaged quickly and with the appropriate clinical care team.  Knowing a loved one’s monitoring is being handled takes the worry and the burden off of caregivers and allows a peace-of-mind that the loved one is doing well.

QOLPOM monitoring services includes an array of services such as:  non-clinical alerts, full clinical monitoring as well as health and behavioral health questionnaires and oversight.

  1. Patient outreach
  2. Triage services
  3. Non-clinical monitoring
  4. Alert validation
  5. Weekend coverage


Our logistics are second to none and are a FDA approved facility. QOLPOM and its logistic partner provides the following services:

  1. Device setup and kitting
  2. Kitting
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Warehousing
  5. RMA Administration
  6. Outbound Shipping
  7. Site readiness assessment
  8. Phone assisted installation
  9. Patient device orientation
  10. Device removal
  11. Equipment pick-up
  12. Return shipping
  13. Customer technical support (Helpdesk, customer & technical support, scheduling services, and dedicated project management)